It's Good to Have Jayne on Your Side

from by Marian Call

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This track is a cover song -- the original tune is called "Shaner" and it's written by the inimitable Justin Boot from Trapper Creek, Alaska!

I have changed a rated R word or two and I fudge the pronunciation on the name a bit to make it "Jayne" instead of Shane. But just to be clear: this amazing song is not by me and it's not about Jayne. Thanks to Justin for allowing me to record and perform it.


Well he’s dumb but he’s tough and he likes to shoot stuff
and he won’t give a damn what you think
Spends his days turnin wrenches, his nights chasin’ wenches
And he’ll happily kick in yer teeth
Oh, he’ll happily kick in yer teeth

Well he comes from Saint Jo where he grew up with his Ma,
Lotsa fish and this drunk Mexican
He hopped a few trains just to ride off his pains
Now he’s doin’ the best that he can
Yeah, he’s doin’ the best that he can

He’s too proud to live and too dumb to die
Lord knows that his Momma tryd
He’s always meant well while he’s going to hell
But it’s good to have Jayne on your side — oh,
It’s good to have Jayne on your side

He drinks beer from Milwaukee, he don’t wear no cock ring
he don’t fight for honor nor fame
A night out with a gun is his idear of fun
And he thinks all you [mudders] are lame
Oh, he thinks all you [mudders] are lame

He steals what he needs from the big companies
And returns it so he can get paid
First son of Spenard, he’s always lived hard
Escapin’ the messes he’s made
Escapin’ the messes he’s made


Now he’s livin’ his dreams, he fixes up things
he’s got him a rusty shotgun
A three legged dog and a shack on the hill
And that’s his retirement fund
Yeah, that’s Jayne’s retirement fund

He rolls with the satans, but he don’t do much hatin’
He don’t need a lot from this world
Just a little more clutch, some vittles and such
And just one night with some purty girl
Yeah, some trim from some fine-lookin’ girl



from Got to Fly, released November 1, 2008



all rights reserved


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Marian Call Alaska

Marian Call loves making music for you. She sounds a little like Joni Mitchell meets They Might Be Giants & Regina Spektor for bourbon & laughs. She hails from Alaska but can often be found touring North America and Europe, and she lives on Twitter. Her songs are quirky, geeky, eclectic acoustic confections that taste like vanilla-cinnamon-chipotle something. ... more

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