In which you learn why I pay other people to play instruments for me instead of doing it myself.

Based on "Sensitive to Bees" from Homestarrunner.com's 'Strong Bad Sings' album. Melissa Palmer wrote the music, the Brothers Chaps wrote and produced the sketch. This is the songwriting process in a nutshell.

You can hear the original song at www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSrXNgfyRX0 or spend some time enjoying the new stuff still popping up over at http://homestarrunner.com!


I'm very sensitive to birds
I'm very sensitive to trees
I'm very sensitive to all these things
But I'm especially sensitive to bees

Yeah I really really really like bees
Have you ever gone outside
And noticed that they're really cute
And they like to buzz around and eat your fruit
But that's okay cuz they're cute
Yeah that's ok cuz they're cute!

Buzz -- ouch, buzz -- ouch, buzz buzz ouch!

Oh I've heard some people say
that you can't count on a bee to pay
and you can't look 'em in the eye
And all the wanna do is fly real high
but you gotta love 'em anyway
I don't care what they say anymore
because I really really really like bees
Yeah I really really really like bees, ahhh!


from Marian Call Sings the Classics, vol. II, released August 12, 2015
Original song "Sensitive to Bees" from 'Strong Bad Sings' written by Melissa Palmer, sketch written by the Brothers Chaps and released by Harmless Junk, Inc. homestarrunner.com/sbsings.html

Filmed by Patrick Race, alaskarobotics.com
Performed by Marian Call, mariancall.com




Marian Call Alaska

Marian Call loves making music for you. She sounds a little like Joni Mitchell meets They Might Be Giants & Regina Spektor for bourbon & laughs. She hails from Alaska but can often be found touring North America and Europe, and she lives on Twitter. Her songs are quirky, geeky, eclectic acoustic confections that taste like vanilla-cinnamon-chipotle something. ... more

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