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The Elements, Expanded

from Fun Singles in Your Area by Marian Call



The Elements, Expanded -- even more elements, written by Mike Selinker. Inspired by the original Tom Lehrer classic (www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcS3NOQnsQM).


There’s isogen and necrogen and mithril and vibranium
And arcanite and kryptonite and also unobtanium
There’s latinum, gundanium, jumbonium, chelonium
And carbonite and corbomite and scrith and wonderflonium

There’s energon and metatron and flubber and shazamium
Naquadriah and claudia and also adamantium
Vizorium, rodinium, sakuradite, and nucleon
Stealth ore, ghost rock, Rearden metal, dragonbane, and phlogiston

Dilithium, trilithium, phazon, and amazonium
Bombastium, pizzazium, melange, and randomonium
Illudium Q-Thirty Six, ice nine, and thiotimoline
Oxium and octogen and polarite and soylent green.

There’s liquid schwartz and ruby-quartz and oxypheromalkahyde
Eridium, turbidium, darksteel, and meta-cyanide
Balthazate, bendezium, byzantium and magicite and
Protonite and grimacite and phostlite and there's solaranite

Froonium, bazoolium, bolognium, and beerium
Infernium, nuridium, and slood and atmosphereum
There's Caesiumfrancolithicmyxialobidium-
rixydixydoxidexidroxhide, and obsidium

There's mordite, morphite, nethicite, uru, and monopasium
And tylium and trinium and xen and upsidaisium
Jerktonium, afraidium, red rain, and raritanium
Cuendillar, celestial bronze, plasteel, and dalekanium

And then there’s “love,” the one that saved the world in The 5th Element --
But the fifth is really “boron,” if you’re wond’ring what the hell I meant.


from Fun Singles in Your Area, released July 1, 2015
Lyrics by Mike Selinker, lonesharkgames.com, edited by Marian Call
Inspired by Tom Lehrer
Music from "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General" by Gilbert & Sullivan

Paul Pew, Keyboard
Recorded at Empty Sea Studios in Seattle, WA under the supervision of Michael Connolly
Edited and mixed by Marian Call




Marian Call Alaska

Marian Call has things to say. She sounds a little like Ingrid Michaelson meets They Might Be Giants & Regina Spektor for bourbon & laughs, which sounds improbable, but give it a try. She hails from Alaska and tours North America and Europe, and she lives on Twitter. Her songs are quirky, sharp, surprising confections in every genre full of rich dark carmelized sugar, savor, & spice. ... more

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